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We have renamed our newsletter! This newsletter is for anyone who supports young women – family members, teachers, mentors, youth pastors, neighbors, community leaders……so we wanted our name to reflect that! You are a positive force in a young woman’s life. That’s good news! We are here to support you. That’s good news too! Welcome to the Good News Digest – a quarterly publication by 2911 Group Inc.

Young Women Listening to Music
Good News Digest 2nd Qtr 2021
Young woman with grandmother
Good News Digest 1st Qtr 2021
2911 Parent's Newsletter 2nd Qtr 2020
Supermarket Trip
2911 Parent's Newsletter 4th Qtr 2020
2911 Parent's Newsletter 1st Qtr 2020
Young Women with Shopping Bags
2911 Parent's Newsletter 3rd Qtr 2020
Good News Digest 3rd Qtr 2021
Dancing Women
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