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Keynote Speakers

A native of Frederick County, Kendra grew up in Jefferson, MD.   She’s married to her husband Curtis and enjoys spending time with her family.  Kendra began her career working at Gladhill Furniture in Middletown, MD at the age of 16.  She worked her way up through the ranks in her 18 years at Gladhill, starting as receptionist.  Initially, her long term career goals did not include Gladhill Furniture, however she was promoted so rapidly that it soon became an unexpected career path.  In 1999, she was promoted to office manager and by 2000 she became top salesperson and was invited to be a part of The President’s Club, selling over  $1 million each year.  Despite her success at Gladhill, in 2006 she decided to follow her heart and her passion for skincare and makeup and start her own business.  She sold her products through in-home presentations and quickly built a large team and clientele.  Her drive to own her life by owning her own business was undeniable.  She met with much success and loved her work, yet she yearned for something bigger.  This is where the partnership between Kendra and Nicole comes in.  The two always had a unique dynamic and knew that one day they would partner and open a store together.  That vision was held onto closely.  Taking with her the best of what she had learned in her experiences and adding that to Nicole’s knowledge and experience, the two decided in 2009 that they could wait no longer!   Smooch!  studio was born!  The doors opened on April 17, 2009 and the business growth has been exponential.  With the partnership strong and the business booming, the long term vision is to be a national brand with smooch! studios all over the nation.  


Andrew Simpson & Tanya Pershin

Nicole & Kendra Knight

Nicole has been married to her husband David for 25 years and enjoys spending time with their children and first grandchild!  Growing up in Frederick County and graduating with honors from Mt. St. Mary’s University in 1991, she began working as a first grade teacher for Howard County Public Schools.  The summer following her first year teaching, she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit! And once she caught ‘the bug’ it simply grew.   She met a dynamic entrepreneur who would become her mentor and her inspiration.  Faye was ironically enough a former teacher herself.  She had her own line of cosmetics and skincare that she marketed through salons.  Nicole spent that summer shadowing Faye, absorbing all she could.  She continued teaching and worked part time selling Faye’s products and found that it was her calling.  In 1996 Nicole took the leap of faith and quit her teaching job to dive into the makeup industry. 


She began using Faye’s model combined with her own to sell her line in salons in Frederick.   Her business model was a success and she knew it would be successful on a larger level. In 2009, the timing felt right and she and her sister in law Kendra convened to brainstorm.  The two had always held the vision of growing the business model on a larger scale as partners.  Combining their unique sets of skills and experience, they gave life to smooch! studio in April 2009..


Andrew founded Player’s Fitness and Performance in Frederick, MD during the Summer of 2013. He has been a competitive athlete his entire life. Sports are in his blood. He discovered he had a passion for Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Human Performance in 2010 and decided to blending this with his love for athletics. He and his team have been blessed with the responsibility to mentor and develop hundreds of middle and high school students in the Frederick area. Sports aside, Andrew's most genuine passion lies in helping others to see themselves as God sees them. To realize the potential for greatness that each person has inside them. His mission is to inspire others to live uncommon lives and to bold enough to accept the calling to become extraordinary leaders.



Tanya has been an avid athlete for as long as she can remember. She is a former Cheerleader for the University of Maryland. After college she continued cheering for the Baltimore Spirit. Tanya is married and has two boys who are very active in sports. She became connected with PFP when her older son began training with Coach Andrew for strength, speed, agility, and confidence enhancement. Tanya has always had a passion for teaching children. She was the cheerleading head coach at Walkersville High School for five years. Tanya has a passion for fitness herself, and plays a huge role in helping athletes and adults alike at Player’s Fitness and Performance realize their full potential.


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